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This is an ANTI-Stacy Keibler community. If you're like the rest of us, and you're sick of having this talentless, long-legged, flat chested bitch crammed down your throat week after week, then please join! Share your thoughts, your disgust, your photos, hell... share it all! We're open to your opinions, and we value your hatred for what WWE keeps in it's Women's Division today.

#& RULES____________

1) As stated before, this is an ANTI community. Do not come here to defend Stacy and tell us how great she is. We don't give a shit what you think, if you like her, that's peachy. Find a nice community that supports talentless bimbos and post away. This isn't your place.

2) Please post large amounts of photos under a cut so you don't swamp other people's friends pages. Thanks. One photo without a cut is fine :)

3) Any photos which may present nudity (as if there's anything to see) must be under a cut. No exceptions.

4) Bash away!

#& MODERATED BY________

This community is moderated by xturnedtoblack, and co-modded by bartendersgirl.

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